In early 2018 the Sturgis PAL Board of Directors teamed up with the staff of Extreme Dakota Bicycles and collectively began efforts to raise funds for the construction of the Sturgis Bike Park. The Sturgis Bike Park was to be built for users of all ages.

Phase 1 of the Sturgis Bike Park included two paved “Pump Tracks.” One pump track for users of all ages and the second pump track will be designed for younger and smaller children. A “Pump Track” is a fun place to ride, skate or use a scooter for people of all ages and skill level. The “Pump Track” is designed so the rider can maneuver the track with minimal pedaling or pushing.

Phase 2 is a “North-Shore” style skills park for users of all ages and skill level.  The skills park will include obstacles such as drops, wall rides, skinny lines and jumps. The skills park was constructed with a combination of wooden obstacles and dirt paths.

Phase 3  included the construction of dirt jump park, which will include a series of BMX style dirt ramps and table-top jumps constructed with safety in mind.

Sturgis PAL contracted with Pumptrax USA to complete the construction of the Sturgis Bike Park. Pumptax USA specializes in the construction of top caliber  BMX and Pump Track. Pumptrax USA was contracted to build Olympic BMX tracks for the 2008, 2012 & 2016 Summer Olympics.

In 2019 Sturgis PAL continued with fund raising efforts, with the goal raising $45,000 to expand the Sturgis Bike Park to provided a larger and safer environment for community’s youth to enjoy. The planned expansion included the addition of a paved jump park that was designed to to flow with some of the existing features that had been previously built. 

In June 2019 Pump Trax USA returned to the Sturgis Bike Park and completed construction of the new pave jump park.  At seeing the overwhelming popularity of the Sturgis Bike Park, the Sturgis City Counsel allotted funding for the construction of a new paved parking lot at the Bike Park. The new parking lot was completed in August, 2019.  


Location for the new Sturgis Bike Park
Location for new Sturgis Bike Park
Construction of Pump Track 2018
Pump Track 2018
Dirt Jump Park 2018
Expansion area 2019
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Expansion underway 2019
Jump Park 2019
Pump Track 2019
2019 Sturgis Bike Park